Creating the symbol

The oval shape around the lenses and shutter button, which has become the symbol of THETA's design,
came about naturally as a result of our pursuit for a shape that overcomes the constraints of the settings.

Since the angle of view for one of THETA's lenses exceeds 180°, it is necessary to prevent THETA's exterior from being captured in the shot. We cleverly built this restriction into the design which enabled high symbolism while ensuring performance based on the functions.

Placing a large shutter button at the bottom of the oval shape gives it a sensible design ensuring that your thumb aligns naturally with the shutter button when holding the camera.


Another aspect of the camera we were passionate about is the "chirping!" shutter sound. The rising sound at a perfect length of 0.2 seconds produced a sound that brings about an image of absorbing the space in that instant.

Thoroughly simple

To provide a simple shooting experience in terms of "recording the entire surroundings in a single shot",
we minimized and configured the operating system for such as buttons built-into the THETA camera.

Adopting an in-mold process to create the camera exterior enables the status of current settings to be displayed transparently using LEDs. When the power is turned off, the status display completely turns off, providing the camera with a simple appearance.

Succession and evolution

We have reached the 5th generation of THETA since it was first created and it has continued to evolve without any significant design changes.
This is where our ideas thrive in terms of growing the brand.